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Phoenix & Phoenix is a blog where we give you tips on how to make business travel fun. We are positive that travelling and getting to know new places, people, cuisines, cultures and customs develops our intelligence and spirit and makes us better people. However, this only works if the trip was worth remembering for a lifetime, which is only possible if you had a very good time.

Business trips are often fast and leave just a few hours to spare for leisure. Phoenix & Phoenix will advise you how to spend that spare time the most entertaining way imaginable and turn it into a memory to cherish forever. Instead of sitting alone in your hotel room because you are overworked or going sightseeing, consulting a guide book for landmarks you have seen a thousand times on television, have fun visiting the hidden gems your destination has to offer. You will find stories here about such places and events, drawn from our own personal travelling experience, as well as experience from our friends who write this blog with us.

Be just like us – phoenixes – regenerated and reborn every time you spread your wings and leave your nest.

Our friends (and contributors)

Many of our friends share our passion for travel and have written several posts for Phoenix & Phoenix themselves. They are, in alphabetical order:

Srdjan Cvjetović (Estonia)
Nađa Irena Fišić
 (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Sonja Hodak (Scotland)
Karmen Pužar (Tunisia, Denmark)

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