4 Gats, which is short for Els Quatre Gats, is located in the ground floor of Casa Marti, one of numerous architectonically esteemed buildings in the very center of Barcelona, very close to the central pedestrian street, the famous La Rambla…

The interior breathes the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean bar. The walls are overflowing with decorations and artwork, the tables are small, the lighting is dimmed and the waiters wear uniforms… Still, it is necessary to book a table several days ahead and to prepare yourselves for prices that are somewhat above average for Barcelona.

For starters, you’ll get a small plate with olives until you order something substantial. They are tiny, but inexplicably tasty at the same time.

04 Salmon and lone broccoli floret
This is the salmon and lone broccoli floret. I would definitely recommend you ordered seafood, because they prepare it here in a way which is equally simple as it is imaginative. I would recommend the octopus Carpaccio as a cold hors d’oeuvre. Soak it with lots of olive oil and you won’t be sorry that you have to pay 18 euros for it.

05 Skamp...
Scampi, lobsters, crabs… They are prepared in typical Mediterranean vegetable sauces, dominated by red produce, like tomatoes, with the addition of asparagus, for example. This is not the least bit pretentious and does not seem as if it has just arrived from the Masterchef competition, but is one of the tastiest dishes offered in Barcelona, which means the whole world.

A cup of coffee with the newspaper after an unusually delicious dinner is the logical continuation of the nutritional course anywhere in the Mediterranean…

In the end, take a look at the 4 Gats’ art. This scene can be seen and has been copied on almost every single wall in the restaurant, as well as on all the napkins, menus, plates… It depicts the restaurant’s first owner duo, artists, of course, one of whom has made this self-portrait. The rumor has it they were in a homosexual relationship – which the painting indirectly suggests – thus the gay community is happy to visit the 4 Gats even today.