Las Vegas’ BLT Burger is located at The Mirage, one of the central resorts on the Strip, right next to the casino. It is usually quite full so it would be a good idea to book a table ahead, in order to avoid waiting for an opening if you just show up…

The central part of BLT Burger is an open kitchen, which means you can see the chef preparing your burger – a real cooking show.

BLT Burgers’ special are incredibly creative and inventive burgers. They come with lamb, beefsteak, baby spinach, avocado, meat from all corners of the world… This is what the restaurant’s interior looks like.

For starters, have a few starters. Wings are prepared in many ways, cucumbers in tempura (that’s the fried balls in the photo), deep fried mushrooms, raw vegetables… It was spicy, but solid enough to get the juices flowing.

There it is. The most expensive burger on the menu – it costs 21 dollars and comes with truffles and baby spinach. It is quite tasty and makes you feel rather full due to the intense aroma of truffles. It definitely meets the expectations of the most demanding burger snobs. A Michelin star burger which, if you can polish off whole, can weigh your stomach down like a Michelin tire.

This is Bojan’s choice – the beefsteak burger. Somewhat easier to digest, but also easier to forget; however, it is still very creative, special and different when it comes to taste, as well as satisfying. We don’t get this pickle, served next to it…

Mixed salad. This deserves a straight A. Onions, avocado, radishes, olives, cheese, several spices, a mild dressing… Yum! You can’t get this at any other burger restaurant…

However, the onion rings are a miss. They are very crunchy, but completely lacking in flavor. We munched on one each and left the others. You can get this at many other burger restaurants…

One more glance at our table. Good news is that you can get a table at the restaurant’s ‘terrace’, meaning nearly the casino at The Mirage (there isn’t a casino in Vegas that has even the smallest window, so that you can lose track of what time of day it is) and study people passing by, losing their money on slot machines instead of burgers with truffles and baby spinach…