Cooperstown is located in the very center of Phoenix, but due to the great heat and general desolate nature of the city’s streets, it seems quite empty from the outside… Don’t be fooled.

Behind these darkened door, you will finally find – people in Phoenix. Real people, who talk, are happy, drink, eat… These two whose reflections are seen in the door, that is us, yours Phoenix & Phoenix…

Alice has been rather goggle-eyed ever since the start of his career…

The unusual request at the Cooperstown entrance is additionally deceiving. Go for it, come in, this is the last amateurism you will see here.

This is what the restaurant interior looks like, before it is packed with the locals at lunch time, who are in need of some excellent grill food and gigantic hot dogs…

The Big Unit is labeled a sandwich and is sufficiently satiating, tasty and abundant to be served as lunch for two. Anthony Bordain had it in one of his No Reservations shows.

Words are redundant… This is the biggest hot dog in the world.

This close-up illustrates the tastes and amount of delicious cholesterol delivered as a part of this wonderful dish.

This enlarged hot dog is 22 inches long. The two of us, both huge and always hungry Europeans, managed to overpower it after an hour, each tackling a half…

Joyful waitress Adrianne (unusual name for someone living in the desert) is – just like the rest of the restaurant crowd – made-up in this recognizable style…

This souvenir shop with memorabilia from Alice’s music career is a mandatory part of the Cooperstown atmosphere. You sure want one of these bobble heads!