This is what Luo Hu Commercial City looks like. Apart from shanzhai, you’ll find many cafes here, as well as diners with authentic regional cuisine, stores with fake watches, clothes and handbags, however, if you are a gadget buff – you know what you’ll spend your time on.

The biggest shanzhai offer includes smartphones, tablets, notebooks, headphones, cameras… We have famous names, like Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC, except that they have not been manufactured by Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC.

This is what a fake iPhone 4S looks like. After some haggling, you can get it for $30 to 40.

This is what a fake ‘mini iPhone’ looks like, even though Apple has not invented it yet. Isn’t it adorable? Wouldn’t you give $25 for this technology wonder?

BlackBerry is a thing of the past when it comes to the smartphone market – everyone is clear on this one. But not BlueBerry! At least as long as there is Luo Hu Commercial City and as long as it costs only $20.

06You can’t go back home without getting a toy for your kid. Why not chose this previously unlicensed analogue match of Angry Birds, for just $10?

If you offend the sellers by offering a price which is too low for their shanzhai, they will ironically respond by offering you s so-called dummy for the same price – a plastic iPhone model or a similar device, without any electronic parts under the hood…

Bye-bye Luo Hu Commercial City, the fun was great and cheap. The next stop might be equally fun, yet expensive – when we encounter the customs officers upon entering our country…