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You were on a business trip and found a place where you had a blast after your work was done? Or you simply travelled somewhere and discovered a city, village, street, restaurant, hotel, beach, museum, store, club, airport, dish, company, drink or atmosphere which was so good you want to introduce the whole world to it and suggest the same experience? Or – even better yet – you have tips from your own experience – on how to make business travel fun?

Write an article for us! Phoenix & Phoenix is a blog where we selflessly share information on how to make the most of your free time while travelling. Give us a couple of ideas for an article at idea@phoenixandphoenix.net and we will let you know very soon whether we are going to publish your post and when. The important thing is that you are literate (in English), that you have several good photographs and that the topic you wish to write about is actually fun.

We can’t pay you, at least not in cash, seeing how Phoenix & Phoenix is not a moneymaking blog. The two of us have “real” jobs and make a living off them, which is why we write all of our posts for free, trying to cover hosting and blog development costs with ads. What you will get if you write an article for us is incomparably greater publicity than what just posting your holiday photos on Facebook would get you and more people will be able to relieve your fun experience!

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